Jealous #lover #stabbed ex-partner in #neck after she #refused to have #him #back

Knife-wielding Peter Weaver, 53, has been locked up for brutal Meir attack\

Jealous Peter Weaver stabbed his ex-partner in the neck after she dumped him and refused to take him back.

The 53-year-old met nail technician Hazel Henshall on an online dating site and they were in a relationship for about two years.

Stafford Crown Court heard she helped him tackle his debts and took out a loan so he could buy an Audi TT.

Ms Henshall ended the relationship a few weeks before the incident and dated another man.

The 57-year-old went to his flat in Meir to ask him to sell his car so she could pay off the loan. But he persuaded her to go inside.

Weaver pleaded with her to resume their relationship before calmly going into the kitchen and returning with a knife.

He tried to stab her in the neck but she defended herself with her fingers. However, the defendant used such force he stabbed the side of her neck. She fell to the ground and he stood over her before plunging the blade into the side of her neck.

He then cut himself before leaving the room. The victim thought she was going to die and pleaded with Weaver to call an ambulance. He threw a mobile phone at her, left the room and took an overdose of tablets.

Ms Henshall’s fingers were falling off but she managed to call 999. She was in hospital for four weeks, off work for seven months and needed support from carers three times a day.

Now Weaver, of Denewood Place, Meir, has been handed an extended 14-year jail sentence after pleading guilty to wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm last April.

Prosecutor Sharon Bahia said: “She felt the knife and felt a cut to the other side of her neck. She saw him cut his own neck and leave the room. Her fingers were hanging off on one hand.”

Laura Pitman, mitigating, said Ms Henshall had never seen the defendant behave aggressively before. She said the defendant does still not accept he behaved as the prosecution suggest.

Miss Pitman added: “Although there is still not the acceptance of what happened to Hazel Henshall at his hands, he does wish her to know he is sorry. He is devastated by the lasting effect on her.”

The 14-year extended sentence is made up of 10 years custody and four years on licence. He was also made the subject of an indefinite restraining order which prevents him having any contact with his victim.

Judge Michael Chambers QC said: “This was a serious attack on your former partner and it happened against a background of repeatedly trying to harm yourself and threatening suicide. You continued to subject her to emotional blackmail. A few weeks before, she told you the relationship was over. She went on dates with another man. You were clearly jealous of that. She needed to speak to you to sell the Audi to bring her loan to an end. You persuaded her to enter the flat.

“You stood over her and plunged the knife into the side of her neck. This was a brutal, unprovoked and sustained assault using a knife and you have shown no remorse.”

The sentence was welcomed by Staffordshire Police. Detective Constable Colin Rushton told The Sentinel: “Weaver is a dangerous offender. Hazel is lucky to be alive. She is still recovering both mentally and physically.”

Anyone with concerns about domestic violence should call Staffordshire Police on 101.