Jeff Allen


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Asks for money. Gives the contact for his aunt that is a real person, also scammed. Introduces himself as a senior captain of Jetblue in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. He was skillfully combining photos of two pilots in one family, one identified as Captain Jim Allen, a person who has received the award in 1985 and has an inscription in the Smithsonian Space Museum given from the Piedmont Airlines, knows details about the pilot’s profession, organizations, security. The photos of the real person, Captain Jim (James) Allen’s photos are present, recent, and there are some from the past. He introduced himself officially as Jeff James Allen. The major point of writing this is to warn real persons, like Captain Jim Allen, that his identity was compromised in this pitiful way. Also, this might be a security issue for the real pilots involved regarding their photos, family photos, and their property. This scammer was able to produce the plethora of documents like being a member of NBAA and shown video footage and photos in real time events of NBAA according to my research. It’s scary if this is a person who can access real Jetblue pilot’s data. This is the reason why I am reporting this scam. I was shocked when I received call from the Parma, OH police department about “aunt Karen” and my check to help “Jeff’s” son surgery. For details, you can contact me. I beg you, check these photos, in photo 3 is an older Captain Jim Allen, Piedmont and Us Airways Captain, if he is still active someone is accessing his documents and photos at home.

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