Jeffery Dwayne Holbert Houston Texas

I was reluctant to date him because he’s not my usual type, I went out on a few dates with him and thought he’s very attentive and I think I’ll give it a try because he’s so sweet. We dated for a few months then moved in together it was a world wind affair. We have been living together for about two years, and I was very happy with him. Well maybe except for his kind of girly ways I noticed after we moved in together, he’s very feminine. Anyway I felt safe with him because he’s not that attractive I thought who would possibly want him? I was wrong he proposed to me March 2013, he started behaving strange in July suddenly wanted to end the engagement. I was hurt but I decided I would let him go, he came back three days later apologizing telling me he was just depressed. I took him back because I loved him, three months later in September he started behaving strange again and said he didn’t know why but he felt strange, like it was something missing. I finally asked what the heck is your problem are you seeing someone else. He said no of course, one Tuesday night Oct 1, 2013. I waited until he fell asleep and checked his phone and there it was text messages and phone calls from his new love interest. They were confessing their undying love for one another. I fell to pieces I was totally caught off guard and it hurt me to the core. I had been trying to settle on a wedding date while he was having phone sex and texting this lady all day long. He even admitted to me that he was planning on leaving me for her, a woman he met 10 yrs. ago at an old job. I put him out. I’m so overwhelmed with hurt I don’t want to get out of bed for work. I’m just happy that this monster was exposed before we actually got married.

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