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Same report as I previously made. Just adding more photo’s that this scammer used.

The soldier himself in these images is not the scammer, but his images are being used in this scam. Just to make that clear.

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Getting me a phone from there won’t be easy like I said earlier on, because due to the delivery, and the clearance, it will cost alot. But like you said I can get it here but you know, but I can’t afford it over here now. This is deployment, no access to cash or something in here for me. But instead of you buying it from there, you can help me send the cash to an agent in US. He or she comes here directly. I can get someone to help me speak to with however coming here to get it along for me. I’m just saying because I discussed with the guy I told about this morning and he says the only way I can get it now and fast is that way.
Because I hope if I could get my hands on a cell phone it will be more better and easier for us to communicate.