Jeffrey Pea****


Jeffrey Pea****, UCF medical student, moved into an apartment with a female classmate, who has a committed
boyfriend…. Jeff has been serious with a girl- he told her NOTHING about what was going on but that he
finds his classmate annoying
Turns out via gmail and facebook conversations that she visited him frequently at 12 am and 10 pm and stayed the
night… he stated how hot she was and calls her pretty girl (translated), also buys her dinner.. excerpts as follows:

9:34pm JV ong omg you’re too cute
11:19pm JV
can i come over?
11:19pm JP
for sure
11:45pm JV
okay, omw
11:45pm JP k
He promises to take her out….
May 18
JP 2 more months… I’m taking you out the day I come back
JV woohoo
He says he loves “cuddling” with her
8:39pm JP I’m having withdrawal from not cuddling with you
8:39pm JV Oh no
8:50pm JV I’m passing out
8:51pm JP Aw OK I wish I was there next to you
And this:
2:22pm JV Hi!
2:22pm JP im glad you got your clothes
where are you?
2:22pm JV Meeeeeeee tooooo
And toiletries
My ankles are swollen for some reason lol
AND this… begging her to come over……
9:08pm JVmade me think of you
9:08pm JP come over
9:09pm JV soon
buhhhhhhhhhhh i hate this
9:10pm JP me too
it’s less painful on my bed
AND the I just wanna see you…..
April 14
JP Oh I see yourhone you’re in gvolle
When o you come back
11:40am JV Tomorrow morning!
11:41am JP Just wanted to see you is all
12:46pm JV Dawwww

SO no talk of actual intercourse- but this is only messages, no texts… he denied everything, says she is just a friend and
that he doesnt like her. He also freq states <3 and MISS YOU! in all his messages, which is out of character…

Moral of the story- dont trust smooth talkers/ jerks.

Just a warning to all the girls he tries to seduce- he does this all the time and he is good at it… dont say you were not

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