Jennifer Asante


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i am from a mixed race family and i have my dad from from the state and my mom from gana and i am ow living with my mom in gana now since i lost my dad some years back.

OK babe that sound good, Am planing to come back, that is why i have join here so that i will meet a man who will love and take me back to the State.

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Hi babe

I love you

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You are my happiness, a very special blessing God has given to me. I’m so excited spending my whole life with someone that I truly love and care about, spending each special day with all the love in our heart of hearts. I love you so much and will always love until forever.

I want you to know that since that memorable day we met, I’ve fallen deeply in love with you. I think of you throughout every single day. There aren’t enough words to convey the gratitude I feel inside my heart that I found you in this life and how you make every day so special