This person has multiple identities, birth dates, from 7 -10 states she claims she is 26 but believe her true age to 37 she is married never divorced, is always looking for men to use to support her drug habit, beware she plays you like a fiddle if you have family she will play nice until she moves herself right into your home and takes over like she owns the place she will use everyone and act like she loves you until you turn your back and she will rob you blind to support her habit and you will not know it until she has ruined you son’s life then she will try to ruin your families, she is highly dangerous and super sly if you see this person run , call 911 just look her up she has a criminal history in multiple states under multiple names but her picture never changes DO NOT LET THIS PERSON OR HER FAMILY IN TO YOUR HOME OR YOUR LIFE YOU WILL FOREVER BE SORRY & YOU WILL PAY WITH YOUR SON’S LIFE AND SO MUCH MORE….BE WARNED

jessica aka dixon

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