Jessica Griese, Tehachapi California

Lived with Jessica the past two years. started getting suspicious of her when she would get text messages and then say she was going to visit her mom or daughter, I followed her and found out she was hooking up with guys in her car at at there houses.
We work together and when I started working with her I heard many rumors about her but I didn’t care because I was in love.
We worked different shifts so drove different cars and I got off from my shift earlier then her. A few times she told me she had to work late. So when I got off my shift I waited and then seen her drive out into the desert and then hook up with a few different co-workers.
Since then, she has brought guys to our home, while I was there. I was upset and left to a hotel to leave them to have their fun.
She has been married before and told me about how she wasn’t able to control herself with men as her ex husband was at home.
I’m still currently living with her, but trying to leave as soon as I can.
Found she likes to take dirty pictures of herself and text them to friends and co-workers and has many different pictures of guys sending back dirty pictures.

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