Jessie Mercado


Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:Jessie Mercado

Scammer’s Country: Philippines

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What Website or Social Media Was The Scammer Using? : Cherry Blossoms

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Claims she lives in terrorist controlled region, needs money to get home. mentions living with her brother and takes care of two nieces, probably married and has two children. Claims she was a model but is now unemployed. Will also ask for money to become employed again. Says she doesnt have a smart phone, ie no video chat capability.

Using name Michael Yap Mercado as account to deposit money into

Address:Zone 10B Purok 6 Upper Carmen
Cagayan de oro City Philippines 9000

His B-day 1/17/83
Account # BPI Bank 2046476327

Phone: (63) 956 534 4130

Scammer’s IP Address: