Joe Greg


Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:Joe Greg

Scammer’s Country: US

What Website or Social Media Was The Scammer Using? : Facebook

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Scammer’s Profile Text:

Joe Greg, age 47
Contractor – Offshore Drilling & Marine jobs
hometown Prague, current location Houston

Other Observations About The Scammer:

He contacts older women and his employer ( works on an oil rig ) demands money.

Scammer’s Messages or Emails:

Attention: Mrs. / Mrs.

You are hereby informed that we have received an invitation letter you have sent to your partner (Engr.JOE GREG) currently in Turkey under a contract with an oil company. Your letter is well understood and has standard operating procedures (S.O.P) that you must follow to meet your requirements.
Before we can approve a short-term holiday for your partner that will allow him to visit you at your destination. you must provide some information about your personal information and pay a certain amount of money for its security guarantee. However, the guarantee fee will be refunded as soon as your partner (Eng JOE GREG) reaches PRAGUE destination. From our office in the UK, you pay GBP £ 7000, Italy requires € 9,800 from an affiliated body in Malta you pay € 9,700.00, our US office will pay $ 3,500.00 USD,
While Greece 14,500 British pounds, in the Czech Republic you will have to pay $ 5,850.00 USD, in West Africa you will pay $ 3,400.00 USD, Belgium 7,420.00 British pounds. We recommend sending you the following information: (a) Your full name. (b) your home address. (c) Your phone number. (d) Your employment. (e) a scanned copy of your passport or driving license or valid ID card on it.
Based on your response, we will provide you with a bank account that allows you to make a payment to our finance department and send us a proof of payment and we will immediately begin processing all necessary documents and approve a short-term holiday for your partner without any further delays.

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