John Lucas

Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:@Johnlucas13D

Scammer’s Country: USA

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What Website or Social Media Was The Scammer Using? : Plenty of Fish, Telegram

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I was just scammed by this man that literally took months to butter me up – close to five months. I mean hundreds of phone calls, daily texting, messages and hundreds of photos of himself impersonating a soldier, First Class Sgt John Lucas of 13D in Yongsan Garrison in Seoul South Korea. He claimed to be retiring after this tour which finished in April. He applied for a marriage grant for us to try and get early leave. Here I thought he was coming home from deployment to marry me in May! His story was intricate and involved, soooooo many details, people and back story. He claimed that he was about to lose his family ranch in Turkey that his deceased father left him as he owed back taxes and the Turkish IRS was going to repossess it unless he paid fast. He claimed he used all his savings to pay the first 47,000 and needed me to help him come up with the last $3000. He also begged me to help him by sending money to his sick mother Cynthia Pedroza – who I found and is most certainly not his mom and 3 yr old daughter Helen in San Elizario, Texas. I sent his “mom” $600 before Christmas and after about a dozen attempts through Western Union and MoneyGram, he gave me a Canadian personal account to email transfer to. That one cost me: $2650. Sooooo, I have a list of all the people, phone numbers and contact information for the accomplices that are part of his scam as well as all our conversation history where he stipulates I need to work with someone in the Jags office to provide information for the marriage grant application – Sgt Jansen Russo. For the past week, I knew something was really wrong and I challenged him on a ton of things and insisted that he take a picture of his military ID or any other identification, dog tags, license, passport or even a video recording to me where he speaks to me directly. I sent him a cease and desist letter for using my personal information that was on the marriage grant application. Also a demand letter for monies owed to me. These creeps have already started applying for credit cards in my name. Honestly, the poor guy in the pictures, how awful for him. #sgtjohnlucas #armylucas #johnlucas #johnlucas13D

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Too many to include – literally thousands of text messages, hundreds of phone calls, sent videos and photos.