Johnny Manziel or Manti Te’o For The 2012 Heisman?

Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M and Manti Te’o of Notre Dame have been the talk of college football this season. But who should win the Heisman? Nay Nay breaks it down and gives her pick. SportsNAYtion is a fun and edgy show that talks about everything sports related. Basketball, football, soccer, plus more are all on tap for the YouTube world. Love me or hate me but make sure to watch me!! Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Website: Instagram For Booking and Sponsorship Inquiries Email:

25 thoughts on “Johnny Manziel or Manti Te’o For The 2012 Heisman?

  1. jjmanzano9

    So much fail by the Dome-asses….Te’o included. BTW, How’d that? Bama game go?

  2. lazerdicks

    tackles are not a stupid statistic because most of the time which i mean like 99% of the time if? a player has alot of tackles that means he read the plays well all season and didn’t let them go to the next level and also generally if one has alot of tackles that means they didn’t miss alot and if they did which is very rare then they were around the ball alot to still be able to get 100 plus tackles and miss 30% of your attempts

  3. lazerdicks

    5 things ray lewis had that te’o didn’t. great speed , amazing leader , amazing football smarts? , expolsiveness, and the squirell dance

  4. lazerdicks

    easy to put up insane numbers when you are a good player playing scrub teams what manziel did in the sec wasamazing. what te’o did in? notre dame is something most sec ilb could due blind folded and could probably multiply every stat by two except or the int column not evey ilb is lucky enought for every tip to fall into his hands or for a quarter back to throw it right to you. all of manti’s pick were either lucky or stupid by the qbs he was never in good coverage

  5. lazerdicks

    kevin minter had 130 tackles with? 55 solo and 75 assists with much harder competition while te’o had more tackles against alabama than minter, to’e also miseed about 15 that game

  6. lazerdicks

    te’o was never the best ilb in the ncaa this year statiscally or realistically. clowney had a much better year and so did ,who i think is the best ilb in th ncaa, kevin minter. minter has more tackles, more? tackles for loss, and a higher tack percentage and had the least brocken tackles on him. minter is way more intelligent and is a beast minter also had more solo tackles while most of te’o were assisted tackles with only about 30 of his 92 being solo.

  7. elberton76

    Manti Teo sucked ass last night.He isn’t good enough to hold Clowneys? jock

  8. speeddemon1226

    Did? I mention Manziel got arrested in the beginning of the year!!!

  9. Gabe Jim

    Manti? Te’o Deserved it!!! For Twelve staright games Manti has been the best player in college football. And after 4 seasons he has been the driving force in which resulted in a BCS berth for Notre Dame! Manziel you can take that trophy and sit at home with it while you watch Manti Te’o come January 7th, witness a true player with character, leadership and determination. The Heisman Trophy in my opinion should just be named best offensive player. The Voters are a dissapointment

  10. swaynedubs

    Looks like I wasn’t? the only one that felt this way, who looks dumb now?

  11. Jadsphobia

    Are you kidding me? I feel the complete opposite. The heisman should’t be awarded to someone who has had a few good games… Manti Te’o? has done it all year, your comment was dumb.

  12. Brice3333

    Offensive players will always get more attention over Defensive player. Manziel was nothing but amazing this year but there were couple games (Florida and LSU) which were both homes game where he didn’t play all that great. TE’o on the other hand was a man on? a mission every game. And having over 100 tackles with 7 ints and 2 fumble recoveries for a middle line backer is just insane. Not saying what Manziel did wasn’t insane as well.

  13. 7broncos30

    WTF!!! where did? Tebow get into this debate? He should have never won the Heisman. He’s in a class of past Heisman winners that failed in the next level. Andre Ware, Rashaan Salaam, Eric Crouch. So don’t even bring up Tebow in this conversation. Right now, it’s all about Manti Te’o

  14. Graham6762

    Tackles are a stupid statistic. Tim Tebow? for 2012 heisman, I don’t care if he isn’t in college anymore. Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!

  15. 7broncos30

    Is johnny football exhibiting excellence with integrity? CASE CLOSED!!!!!!!!?

  16. 7broncos30

    time to end this debate. let’s look at the Heisman Trust Mission Statement.
    ” The Heisman Trophy annually recognizes the outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity”
    don’t see nothing in there about stats. This statement represents everything Manti did this season. Does anyone remember what happened to johnny football? this past June? Yep, arrested and showing false identification. Now ask yourselves this. Is this a man exhibitin

  17. Hakau72

    It has nothing to do with losing his grandmother or his girlfriend. So your saying ESPN and every show they broadcast is a catholic media? Because you not one of those show’s go without talking about Manti Te’o. If Johnny Manziel win’s it, it’s only due to a win over Alabama. He was never noticed until that game.? Because he pretty much was embarrassing against LSU and Florida

  18. picksixtodahouse

    Im an LSU fan but im mormon and samoan just like manti! Hoping? he takes it!!! happy for the IRISH fans!!

  19. picksixtodahouse

    his grandma and his girlfriend died within six hours of each other you heartless bitch!!! thats tough for anyone to deal with and he still showed up on the field. he took his team to the number? one spot. Hes won every defensive player award. I think hes pretty good asshole. johnny is good to but he struggled a lot this season. Manti has been consistent every game.

  20. picksixtodahouse

    let them fight over it haha. manti would? whoop johnnys ass!!!

  21. chauncy817

    I guess any football player that had a grandma die should win the heisman since teo is in it. Fuckin catholic media overhyping this kid. Manziel should win it cause hes the best player in college football.? Johnny wins it cause if what he does on the field. Teo wins the sympathy award for being the first player in history to lose a loved on.smh

  22. isenicide

    Te’O for heisman hands down. All you idiots who say that he wasn’t an impact on every play? Name a? defensive player who always is cause by the tim one I will be dead cause there isn’t one. Shot not one player is. In order to pass for a touchdown someone has to.catch it, in order to run for one u have to.have someone block for you. Hands down. Johnny football had the best o lineman in the countey blocking for him… te’o was the glu for.that notre dame defense. Its an easy vote for me!

  23. 7broncos30

    Butkus award, Bednarik award, Lombardi award, Nagurski award, Walter Camp award, and Maxwell award. NEED I SAY MORE? ????? next for Te’o, Heisman award

  24. Hakau72

    Johnny Manziel does not deserve to? win the Heisman trophy this year. He lost their two BIGGEST home games of the season. LSU & Florida. Manziel had total control in both games, during the 1st half, but could not finish it. He is a Great QB, No doubt! But only got to that level towards the end of the season. The Heisman Trophy is awarded to the Best Player in College FB from Start to Finish. Which is something he came short of. The Heisman Trophy rightfully should be awarded to Manti? Te’o.

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