3 thoughts on “Joined a dating website…

  1. Desmond Giles

    I’m in the same boat as you are. It is a little more convenient, but comes with a risk. You never know who you are talking too on the other side if you’re not face to face with them.So just be careful you know ??? It is now summer time and I’m sure you will get a little down time to get out there and mingle haha. Have you turned? 21 yet ???

  2. Channing Gabe

    Thank you!? You are too kind! My reason behind joining the site was just to see what was out there. I work A LOT and I have really odd hours so my social life is close to zero. I thought maybe the internet would be easier, however, I met some pretty crazy individuals…

  3. Desmond Giles

    You are absolutely too gorgeous. You mean to tell me? that your not able to casually meet someone in person ???

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