Josh Dugger is back. He recently completed the rehabilitation program and joined his wife, Anna and four kids. Everyone in the family gladly welcomed him. But the general public still has certain apprehensions about him. Will they give him a second chance?
It is going to be tough for Josh Duggar whose reputation was maligned when a publication revealed a police report in May 2015 about a sexual molestation complaint made by five teenage girls against him, says Design & Trend.

He also confessed about cheating his wife and was involved in infidelity scandal while his wife was pregnant for the fourth time. The former used-car salesperson and political activist also accepted his addiction to pornography. Josh Duggar recently completed the rehabilitation program in the Reformers Unanimous rehabilitation facility and is now back with his family.

The scandalous revelation was a big blow to the Duggar family as they had to cancel their famed “19 Kids and Counting” reality show on TLC. It caused a loss of substantial income for the complete family.

Josh Duggar Presence Scares Parents and Teenage Girls

Few days ago, the 28-year-old star visited a mini-golf course at the Farm of Old MacDonald in Sevierville, Tennessee making people around them uncomfortable. Three families with young girls immediately left the golf course when they came to know about his presence.

It means that presence of Josh Duggar is still not acceptable to many despite the reality star having completed the rehab program. According to Morning News USA, the staff did try to pacify the angry parents, but they could not do much or stop Josh from being their customer.

Apparently, Josh was with his family in the town to attend the homeschool graduation of Carlin and Trace Bates, the famous stars from the “Bringing Up Bates.” Recently, the television personality’s sister, Jessa Duggar said on the April 26 episode of “Jill & Jessa: Counting On” that she was happy to see her family getting strong.

The family of Josh Duggar has accepted him happily in the household. But what needs to be seen is will the general public trust him? Will he get a second chance to prove himself or will he be sidelined for the rest of his life?

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