Jumar Jones CHICAGO,IL

I’m hoping this will save some other woman from heartache. Mr. Jones goes by the alias J-nite. He is a loser who gets his confidence by sleeping around with girls in the areas of Chicago, Maywood, Bellwood and other close areas. He introduces you to his family as a tactic to make you feel as though you’re the only one. Sadly his family is just as dirty as he is especially his sister who will cover for him even when they know he’s wrong. I met him some years ago and we went on a trip together, shortly after that I found out that he was engaged the whole time he was dealing with me. of course be tried to lie and claimed he would never cheat but unfortunately when I contacted a STD from him, he couldn’t lie anymore. just recently I realized that he is still sleeping around with girls without using protection because he got some girl pregnant that he doesn’t even know. I am hoping that his current gf Tamika runs away fast as she can before she had to endure what I did. I also how that J eventually comes to his senses and stop letting the little (I do mean little) head think for him.

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