Justin Christman Mukvsne, Kansas

This cheaters name is Master Sgt Justin E Christman of Mulvsne KS. He is a disgrace to the United States Airforce. He has lied and manipulated and inflicted much emotional abuse on me throughout the past 10 years. On the surface he is sweet as pie to everyone he meets…bit to the people in his life mean the most he disregards their feelings and rips their self esteem to shreds. He likes to at the “Knight in Shining Armor” role and has a tendency to prey on single moms and worst of all…CANCER VICTIMS. WHO does this??? This man has no conscience and is a true narcissist in every way with sociopathic tendencies. Please please beware of this man!!!! I have allowed him to destroy my grace, dignity and self esteem for the past 10 years. Today I proudly walk away with pride and self worth. Please beware of MSgt Justin Christman!!!

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