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What is Going on with JZZI?

JZZ Technologies (JZZI) has now launched a no-cost online dating platform for adults who are 55 or over. This website is under the banner, MatchForSeniors.com, and will allow seniors to make new friends, startup casual relationships, and foster serious long-term romances. The website does not require detailed personal information and is easy to use and can be connected to Facebook accounts.

What This Means for JZZI?

Over the course of the pandemic, online dating has proven to be a growing area among seniors looking to foster connections with others from their own homes. Charles Cardona, CEO of JZZ, states that, “The dating arena is a very active space for adults age 55+, and we want to offer a dating platform that connects with our audience”, and, “The MatchForSeniors.com website will bring thousands of new users over time users who are very likely to seek the content from our other media properties. These users can easily crossover to become part of our core audience”.

Cardona also states that, “The metrics show that we can tap into a huge group by offering this new service that costs very little for the Company to develop and maintain. The bottom line is that the MatchForSeniors.com site can offer big returns in terms of new audiences, which equates to significant value for ActiveLifestyleMedia channels and JZZ Technologies, Inc.”

JZZI has an Overall Score of 4. Find out what this means to you and get the rest of the rankings on JZZI!

Jzz Technologies Inc is a holding, development, and investment company. Its areas of business include Artificial Intelligence; Social Media and Event and Content Production. The company’s only business segment being computer programming and data processing.

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