Katie Vonk, Vancouver Washington

This woman likes to fuck married men. She can’t just be happy in her own marriage, and since she is not, she will ruin other people’s marriages. People have to be as miserable as she is. Destroyed one family for sure that we know of…there are probably more being as how she is nothing but a little slut. She will fuck the married man, but if the wife finds out, she will say nothing to the wife, just tells her little boy toy to make his mean nasty wife stop. If you are going to play with the big dogs, you better know how to bite! Telling a married man, that is NOT your husband is wrong. Fucking him in your bed is even worse. According to my husband, she has a lot of issues. I would have to agree.
She will lie and manipulate to get what it is that she wants. She even lies to her own husband. That is why I sent copies of the e-mails that she and my spouse were sending back and forth to each other. I also let him know that they were fucking in his house. He has the right to know what a lying cheating whore he has for a wife.
Watch your men…no telling what kind of diseases this tramp has. She works at Charter Communications. If you have a husband who works there…be warned!

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