Kayla Furnia — Albany, New York

I have been with my boyfriend for two years now. Things were going great and we were even talking about marriage. Two months ago I found out I had cervical cancer. My sex drive wasn’t as strong as it once was. My boyfriends, however, stayed as strong as ever. I started to see little signs that he was cheating on me but ignored them because I didn’t want to believe it. About a month or so ago, I find a picture of him on his cell phone with not only one but TWO girls.

I didn’t say anything right away because I wanted to investigate further. I went online to our cell bill and there it was. Texts, pictures, date arrangements and my heart smashed in two. Apparently, he met this little girl named Kayla Furnia and her GIRLFRIEND. They were interested in more than just each other. This (from what I can see) has been going on for a little over a month now but I’m disgusted. I’ve been trying to hide the fact that I know so I can get ALL the dirt on him AND her so I can slam them. She supposedly recently graduated from college but all she is studying is my man. From what I hear this isn’t the first time Kayla has done this. Kayla Furnia doesn’t like to find her own and obviously isn’t satisfied by just a woman. After doing a little digging I found out that Kayla has done this to quite a few women. Apparently she only likes men that are taken so she can have her little threesomes. In the meantime I am devastated.

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