‘KEEPING HEARTS OPEN’: Love and dating in the time of COVID-19 | #tinder | #pof

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In September, she found herself in her Durham Region hometown and lo-and-behold, that same friend was also there around the same time.

“I thought it was a weird coincidence,” she said, adding they both went home because they had gone through break-ups.

“A few weeks later, we agreed to meet up. Both of us had very small bubbles and the government was allowing for people to have small groups so we decided to get together, but we didn’t specify if this was a date or not since we were extremely platonic and had not expressed any form of desire for one another. Well, turns out, we both wanted it to be a date.”

The woman, 27, said she and her 30-year-old boyfriend are still together. The first few weeks, they had many conversations about whether they wanted to see one another regularly and closing their social bubbles to make it happen. They would ask each other if they were working from home, using public transit, what their bubble looked like and with whom.

“COVID really forced us into proclaiming what we really wanted and they were no doubt awkward conversations, but we’re getting pretty serious now and are isolating together during this lockdown,” she said. “COVID was a dark place and I don’t think a total stranger could have lifted me out of that. There’s a trust that wouldn’t normally exist because we knew one another as teenagers.”

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Tim Harrison, 38, said he met his girlfriend, Crystal, 41, in December through a dating app and they hit it off instantly. Both previously divorced, they made their couple status “official” in January.

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