Kenneth C. Davis, Euless Texas

Smooth talking car salesman outside Dallas Texas. Has cheated with at least 6 different women other than myself ! He is a silver tongued devil who knows exactly what to say to get you to pay attention to him. King of the emotional affairs (because his equipment doesnt work well anymore) if you know what I mean. He loves and thrives on attention from women.

He lures you into his web the same as he does his sales customers, making up lies all the way. He is married (to 2nd wife with whom he cheated on when he was with the 1st wife).. He cries a story of neglect and no attention or affection at home from wife #2. Says she has gotten fat and he needs to feel attracted to a woman. Says the wife does not cook or clean for him, says he a good guy in a bad marriage but cant leave for $ reasons. Like I said he is a smooooth talking car salesman who gets even the smartest women to fall into his lies.

STAY AWAY ladies. I read online at that he has hit on several female customers. I once was a customer too and ended having an on and off again affair with him for years. Meanwhile I was contacted online by 2 other women saying he was seeing them at the SAME dates and times as me. Then he goes home to wife #2 every night and drinks himself into a coma and late at night sends emails and text messages to other women.

He uses different cell phones to contact his victims so that the wife doesn’t find out. Wife #2 has been told of his behavior and his womanizing but does not seem to care. He is hurtful ladies and he will lie and makes hundreds of promises to you that he never keeps.

Steer Clear Of This Car Salesman !

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