25 thoughts on “kerala prostitutes (they want to famous all the world)

  1. Krishnakumar K A

    Instead of showing these women, Manorama can give jobs to these women. Then
    they will not go for these kinds of things.?

  2. Shabeer Mohammed

    the girls can sit proudly… no need to cover their face…. In India,
    prostitution (the exchange of sexual services for money) is legal.

  3. TheEuphony69

    They should legalize prostitution.This is one of the ancient professions.
    Why not recognize it instead of punishing them

  4. Shaheem Babu

    please remove this vedio.ammayeyum 10 vayassaya kuttiye arrest cheythu !!!!
    pithavu marich aaa kuttiye drohikkan maathram visalamanu pathradarmam.oru
    shaayamo manushyathmo illatha eee samoohammanu anadaraya kuttiyude ammaye
    eee vidam ethichathu.cheriya meenukale valayil kudugu valuthu vala pottichu
    mokum.eee pannikal ethrayo varthakal poozthunnnu.oru anadha pennineyum
    kutttiyeyeyum ini jeevikkan pattatha vidhthilakiyappol samaadhanamaayi

  5. Aarathi Gile

    if one girl raped in kerala. the society see them as a seperate animal. and
    no one give them job, so they forced to become prostitutes. police raid
    them and they will continue prostitution after punishment. no other choice.
    please let them survive.

  6. Varma mony

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  7. Johny K

    Fuck the media which fills itself with sensational junk like rape! Fuck the
    society which rapes the rape victim much more than was done by the rapist!

  8. Jnan vyathyasthan

    A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people. –
    Mahatma Gandhi

  9. Abhilash Ramadasan

    They should not have published the names of the persons. Reporters should
    learn to respect others privacy too. And the people are getting more
    sadistic nowadays. Everybody seems enjoying when someone is suffering.

  10. Shabeer Mohammed

    Yes… and i believe prostitution is legal in india….. If one want to do
    it… he/she can do it proudly..

  11. Krishna

    What an idiotic and insensitive headline to this video!!

  12. Peeyes Rajan

    First of all people involved in these activities are all matured people.
    Not kids. Therefore it cannot be treated as a crime. I don’t know what is
    the problem for this media and why they are acting like moral police? The
    are lot of other things that are harming the society. Media must focus
    attention on that.

  13. Nipin Niravath

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  14. Shaheem Babu

    ithu post cheythavante 10 thalamura pokka

  15. barath don

    ya its true u send ur sister … 2 thrr or ur wife ……assholl

  16. Mrjarjarme

    @rajesh9562 add where, are you begging for female companionship… get a

  17. Pankaj Hashan

    Only females are punished and published in the sex racket,i have not seen
    any of the males caught with the this poor girls.Will the government take
    the action to help this poor girls.

  18. masala0011

    Prostitution is the oldest profession in earth, it is well accepted in
    Bombay and Calcutta, why not in certain parts of India. If government is
    clean and raise jobs for all, why the women choose to sell their body.
    After all she is bearing the pain and giving her body for money,, let the
    male world understands and rehabilitation them instead of arresting and
    humiliating .

  19. Shriya P

    All happening bcz of poverty yaar…Useless Govt….

  20. crazymansdad

    madharchod pakistani…agar reham nahi dhikaye to hiramandi bechenge
    …tera Islam shayad yehi sikhaata hein..

  21. Alex Vincent John

    Media are celebrating these kind of news for their channel rating… Some
    TAMIL actresses were caught for prostitution in TAMILNADU. See the video in
    youtube how RAJINIKANTH reacted to that… Type “Rajinikanth gets angry” in
    youtube … you will get the link

  22. 321atm

    i wish we all would do something and help all our sisters come out of this
    bondage and exploitation and lead happy healthy lives.Pls do something ..

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