Your Key Secrets Announces New Partner Compatibility Program to Enhance Online Dating Experience


Your Key Secrets announced the launch of their new compatibility program that was created to help enhance the online dating experience. YKS can now help you determine if you are compatible with another individual in seconds for an affordable price in a way that standard dating website cannot through tarot and numerology.

The compatibility program uses tarot and numerology to produce compatibility results between two individuals that are interested in pursuing a relationship online. The program only requires the full name and birth date of each individual in order to give you two individual readings that will determine how compatible two people are.

The entire test can be done digitally; you do not need to speak to anyone in order to get your results. This program will likely shock the online dating market, making it easier to determine compatibility before investing time and money into another individual to find out you are not compatible at all. Most dating websites require a tremendous amount of money in order to match you with another individual based on common interests. The YKS program can give you up to twelve pages of information on individual personalities, a compatibility chart, and much more.

Although Your Key Secrets has always had a compatibility reading function, this is intended for online dating. Your Key Secrets has been developing this since the late nineties, originally with Dionne Warwick and the Psychic Friends Network. You can use the program personally or give it as a gift for someone else; it is available in both English and Spanish. It is also available through our application and through our personalized e-book.