‘King’ and ‘queen’ of witches coven used Tinder to find women, murder trial told | #tinder | #pof


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Hills had to call Trail “daddy” and was given a $200 weekly allowance. She now believes he’s a “psychopath” and “con artist.”

The couple’s fantasies turned deadly when Boswell arranged a hook-up with Lincoln store clerk Loofe, who would never return alive from the date.

Bailey Boswell faces the needle if convicted in the cult-related dismemberment murder of Sydney Loofe.

Hills said Trail would whip and choke her and she had to walk around their home naked. Boswell, she said, would turn “joyful” when she described torture.

“She would giggle, and her eyes would light up almost,” Hills testified, adding that she saw a woman at Walmart she was supposed to kill but couldn’t follow through.

After Loofe was murdered, Hills fled.

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At his trial last summer, Trail claimed he accidentally strangled Loofe during a sex party also involving Boswell. Besides the murder beef, Boswell is also charged with conspiracy to commit murder and improper disposal of remains.

Loofe’s remains were found in 14 pieces in the weeks following her disappearance, scattered along various Nebraska highways.

At his trial, Trail slashed his own neck inside the courtroom, screaming: “Bailey is innocent and I curse you all.”

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Trail and Loofe.



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