Do you know about #Gleeden, the #extramarital #online dating #app made by #women #especially for #married women?

Gleeden, an app for married people, primarily women, who oppose the idea that a monogamous marriage is the only way to have a fulfilling long-term relation, was launched in India in 2016.

It is not surprising to find married men and women on Tinder or other dating apps. After Ashley Madison (the website for extramarital meetings that was shut down after a cyberattack breached the privacy of millions of its users across the world including India), there are a number of apps that are being launched and marketed specifically to encourage and cater to the extramarital affairs online dating community. And they are now becoming popular in India. Not surprisingly, ‘Extramarital dating app India’ is one of the most searched items on Google Play.

What sets Gleeden extramarital affair app apart from the other dating apps is that it describes itself as ‘the first extramarital dating site made by women’ in the app description on Google Play. Even though the app is for women, by women, and offers free membership to women, the ratio of men to women is still, not surprisingly, very high. Read what these Indian married women on Tinder have to say.

The app that was launched in India in April 2016, has its origins in France, a country that is in the top 5 ‘most unfaithful countries’ in the world according to a study by Forbes in November 2016. We spoke to Solene Paillet, head of communication management of Gleeden, to understand the need for an app for extramarital online dating for Indian women.

Solene says that an unhealthy relationship can devastate a person’s mental stability to any extent. “The Indian culture and values are imbibed in every Indian person. With these values, come a lot of responsibilities and sacrifices, especially for the women. Marriage is one such ritual every woman has to be a part of. A couple, especially a woman, has to hold on to her marriage until her last breath, no matter how abusive it is. But, with the modern mindset and process in Indian culture, a woman, now, is not bound to hold on to an unsatisfying marriage. There are women who come out of a broken relationship and move ahead in life., an online dating website, is catering majorly to women who are looking forward to an extra-marital affair. Headed by a group of woman, Gleeden focuses on helping the betrayed woman.”