Know how act on your #first #date

ONE does not have to sweat bullets ahead of a first date.

Proper preparation will ease matters.

All one needs to do is be honest, open and attentive and not set the bar so high that no one can clear it.

How to ask for a first date

Apply the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) and remember that a no is not the end of the world.

When asking someone out on a date, give them specific options like a date, time or activity.

Never ask someone out for the first time on Monday nights (everybody hates Mondays) or Friday and Saturdays, which is mostly times for socialising with friends and family.

Flirting tips when on a date

Flirting on a first date must be done in a restrained manner. Aggressive overtones will quickly scare off your date.

Pay attention to your date’s conversation, make him or her laugh and lighten up the mood instead of being self-absorbed. Place the focus on your date .

Date safely online

There are hundreds of online dating sites on the internet.

One needs to remember that every person you meet online is a stranger and some profiles are fake.

So, when making contact with someone online, keep the conversation going, but do not give out too much personal information.

When meeting up for the first time, use public places and have friends join at different tables at a restaurant to keep a watchful eye.