Krissy Skievia, Memphis, TN

She is deceptive and she has slept around with my best friend and many of my guy friends. I don’t mind a girl showing some cleavage, but she would always wear extra low cut shirts and when I would go to the bathroom at a store or mall, she’s walk over to a bunch of guys and let them touch her boobs! Then at a shoe store one day, I noticed that a man was behind her and she bent over and rubbed her butt on his…, that’s not even the tip of the iceberg! I walked in on her giving our next door neighbor a lapdance. She has hidden Facebook and Twitter accounts and you can tell its her for she’ll say, “I love to straddle and ride.” I posted these picture of her because these are the main ones she loves to send to men and at times uses them as her profile picture.

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