KWO-Dick Gregory,NOI, Manti Te’o & other Bullsh*t Part 1


Twitter:@KingLoTheRAstar Facebook: Lo-khem Saw-an Email: King Lo Exposes the fuckery of Django, Dick Gregory, Farrakhan, Luther Campbell, The Manti Teo fluff, Lance Armstrong etc: ALL SILLY DISTRACTIONS AND MIND CONTROL TACTICS AT WORK TO KEEP THE MASSES UNDER MIND CONTROL. CLEAN OUT YOUR MINDS. HOTEP


24 thoughts on “KWO-Dick Gregory,NOI, Manti Te’o & other Bullsh*t Part 1

  1. SoulJavalinSpear

    Thank you King Lo on the
    Supreme Beings Logic or Lack Thereof recommendation
    and I thank the? ancestors for divine light around all you do

  2. DoMoreGoodDeeds


    Because if everyone you rolled with is dead, or hiding/ running for their life. And your ass is living large on TV, then hell yeah, that is enough to be suspect.

    And Peace to All the Warriors doing the Work!

    This is not a “Dress Rehearsal”, get urSELF OUT! The only way they have the land (“Rights”) is holding you Hostage to a US citizenship. Reclaim your Titles of Nobility. Look up 18 USC Sec.9 Vessels of United States.? They will use you as host for their sick shit.

  3. BlackLaw74

    King Lo, Dr King Schultz was? calling the slaves Devils

  4. antphizzle

    Lmao…don’t ever trust? noun nigga with 2 first names…Richard “Dick” Gregory

  5. rowejam072000

    Fuck Dick Gregory, just goes to show you what type of nigga? you dealing with

  6. redstar7311

    Candi and Schultz did get killed,? while Django lived and got his wife back.

  7. tanio12

    also did dick go see a real film? called hidden colors 2

  8. tanio12

    dick should? stick to trayvon martin and leave django to spike

  9. YungSandifer79

    doin what you do best,fire pon these coonish? devils

  10. trunkbass89

    Alotta niggas think cause you old and been here longer? you a elder. FOH wit that shit

  11. BlackPowerBlackUnity

    Thank’s for sharing this video with Us.? You are speaking the truth…

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