Kylie Green — Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

This girl Kylie Green has broken up my daughter and son-in-law. They have been together for 11 years and just celebrated their One year anniversary in March 2015. They have a little girl who is six and a nine month old baby boy. This girl works at the same workplace as my son in-law it is a seasonal job so they went back to work in May. It all started with her asking for rides to work always making excuses why she needed a ride. Then my son in-law started showing sign’s of not coming home never wanting to do they with the family. So my daughter’s neighbor said that when she leaves a tan colored car would go there and a girl would get out and go into the apartment where they lived. Then he told my daughter he needed a break for a little while and he admitted that there was a girl involved because when they were out of town working they got caught by the workers in the motel room, well the family couldn’t bare to see so upset and sad that we started…

investigating this girl and we found out that she is a player and a stalker, can steal you blind and a lot more and my son-in-law wasn’t her first victim. She had broke up a young couple with a six month old baby, but the sad thing is that she was still sleeping around with other guys while doing this. Anyway my son-in-law I think was enjoying the attention he was getting and partying which my daughter was doing, but no excuse we know and he is sorry and told my daughter that he had been trying to get rid of her, but she would not leave him alone. We tried telling her to back off and she still trying to text him even at work and my daughter and son-in-law are trying to work out and stay together now the girl is claiming to be pregnant but she won’t prove it. So she needs to learn that you don’t do this to families, her aunt told us that she has been a problem since se was thirteen and will never change so everyone needs to be warned about her.

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