Ladies Beware Jorge Nuno

I met Jorge in the summer of 2013.  He did not tell me he was married.  He did not have on a ring. In fact he told me his name was Jesus.  When I googled him I did not find anything.

It was about 5 months later after I got my annual check up, I found out I was pregnant.  I told Jorge that evening thinking he would be happy when I saw a different side to him when he got angry and said that I could not have the baby because it would destroy my FAMILIA!

This is when I jumped up and screamed FAMILY! That’s when he said he had a family and kids.  I was so shocked I could do nothing but cry my eyes out while I was trying my best to kick his ass.

He told me he was going to give me the “money order” (how did he know you needed a money order) to “get ride of it.”  He then starting telling me that he has a career in politics and this could mess up everything.   I told him to kiss my ass and I would let the entire world know.

So ladies if you run across Jorge Nuno in Los Angeles run!

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