Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:LANCE KEENAN

Scammer’s Country: USA

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What Website or Social Media Was The Scammer Using? : Badoo

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new phone he’s using via whatsapp +1 218 275 7133

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Well, I need to update information about this person who presents himself as LANCE KEENAN, MAN, AMERICAN, and phone number +1 218 275-7133.
When I came here, and expels myself by saying that he was n

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02/09/17, 20:34 – Lance Keenan: I need you here with me
02/09/17, 20:34 – Lance Keenan: I feel so lonely without you
02/09/17, 20:35 – Kathy Mousiadis: I would leave vice very warm inside my embrace

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I don’t know