Last Chance to Apply For A Love U Masters VIP Scholarship Worth $18,000!


I have mixed emotions right now.

I’m still in San Diego with my wife’s family but I’ve been reading all of your applications..

On one hand, it’s wonderful hearing from women who have been so touched by my work.

Yet it hurts to get so many reminders of the pain that you feel around men, dating and relationships. It kills me that I can’t singlehandedly help every single woman on this mailing list just by waving my magic wand.

I wish I had the time to talk to you on the phone, diagnose what’s not working for you, and come up with a plan of action that will yield lasting love.

But that’s not reality. Reality is that some women are too busy for private coaching, some women have demanding jobs, and some women would rather stay single than commit to working with a dating coach for six months. I get it.

Regardless of whether you apply to work with me, I hope I continue to be a positive, steady presence in your life – proof that there are men who understand women, care about women, and are devoted to women.

Even if you don’t win this holiday contest, I am devoted to your happiness.

Even if you don’t win this holiday contest, I am devoted to your happiness – and will give you email advice every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday as well as Mondays and Thursdays on my blog.

And if you DO want a $18,000 Holiday Scholarship for Love U VIP Masters Coaching, here’s what it takes for you to qualify:

  1. You’re going to have to take this extremely seriously. Working with me is not for the overly sensitive. I’m your personal trainer; it’s your job to follow directions and trust that I’m in your corner.
  2. You’re going to have to be willing to give at least a half-hour a day to online dating, and be willing to go on one or two dates per week. If you can’t do this, that’ s all right; it just means this isn’t the right opportunity for you.
  3. You’re going to have one hour available for coaching every other week for six months between the hours of 2-5pm PST. No exceptions. If you can’t meet during that time, I’m sincerely sorry, but those are my only coaching hours.
  4. You’re going to have to make a video testimonial when you’re done. Nothing false or coerced: I just want you to tell the world what it was like to work with me, what you learned, and how that made you feel, in your own words.

If you look back at these four things and you don’t think you can do them, that’s okay. I only want to work with women who are 100% committed to this process.

To win this scholarship and start coaching in January, just fill out this short application at length, telling me about yourself, what’s kept you from love, and why you’re ready for love in 2019.

I will evaluate all of the applications personally and announce the winner on my mailing list early next year.

I sincerely hope this gives you the opportunity to prioritize love, get a ton of personal coaching, and catapult your relationships to new heights.

Warmest holiday wishes,

Your friend,


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