Laudee Dela Cruz — Doha, Qatar


My husband was a real cheater. He have past affairs and had a child with it but we talked and agreed that he will not do it again for the sake of our 2 daughters. April 2015 an anonymous man informed me of his affair with a fake female christian who was his church mate. The man told me to look into his Facebook and Skype account to see the affair in their chat threads. I did and I saw everything. I even got the cellphone numbers of the woman and made contact with her who was also in Qatar.

I confronted him but he denied telling me lies about it. My cheating husband promised that whatever that anonymous man told me was a lie. I believed him until one night the anonymous man sent pictures of my husband with the woman he said was only his friend and church mate. 

They were in the woman’s place and they were holding each other. I knew that mouths could lie but not the pictures. They are far from being edited. I confronted my husband and showed him the pictures in Facebook and when we started shouting and saying things at each other. He blocked me. Til then I never stop crying for this man. After all the trials we had before I thought he could change for our girls.

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