‘Law & Order’ Binge-Watching Marathons Really Are Good for the Soul (Says Science)


There are many reasons to love Law & Order — the juicy “ripped from the headlines” episodes, the satisfying sound of the signature “dun dunk” between scenes, and all the talented guest stars. But who knew that binge-watching Law & Order could actually make you a better person?

It sounds almost unbelievable, but researchers from Washington State University recently completed a study that showed that college freshmen who watched Law & Order were likely to show “decreased rape myth acceptance and increased intentions to adhere to expressions of sexual consent and refuse unwanted sexual activity.”

Translation? College freshmen who watch Law & Order are more likely to make sure they have consent before they have sex, are more likely to refuse sex if they don’t want to participate, and are less likely to believe dangerous rape myths like “she was asking for it by wearing a short skirt” or that date rape isn’t really rape.

Holy Olivia Benson, that is great news!

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Sexual assault on college campuses is a major issue. Colleges and universities arenow being mandated to do more to prevent sexual violence, and it is interesting to think sponsoring Law & Order binge watches in the dorms might actually be a realistic way to make sure college students develop good values and behaviors related to sexual assault.

The study also looked at what happens when freshman volunteers watched NCISand CSI but only found that it was good old Law & Order that seemed to promote these positive changes to student attitudes. This is most likely to due to the fact thatLaw & Order dealt more explicitly with sex crimes and the impact of crime on victims.

That and they have Ice-T. You can’t ignore Ice-T.

Source: http://thestir.cafemom.com/tv/191637/law_order_bingewatching_marathons_really


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