Lawrence Kenney Jr AKA Junnie is a FAKE!


Lawrence is from Richmond, Va but making his rounds jumping from state to state to avoid child support. He will charm you and make you believe ANYTHING! He is the biggest liar on this planet!! He has 5 kids (that he knows of) and will use all different types of emails/social media sites to cheat on you and find his next victim…’ll wake up one day and he’ll be gone! He doesn’t have a license so don’t let him drive your cars! He’s dumber than a box of rocks so you can always be a step ahead of him as long as you don’t get suckered in to his bullshit.
Lawrence if you’re reading this…you can run but you can’t hide! We will continue to trash your name so hopefully we can save some innocent women you’re trying to scam. He’s currently married to Kristie Kenney (Kristie O’Neil) in the state of Maine. Less than 6 months after marrying her he left her for someone else….and then came back! But not for long..he left her for another woman in Maine which was short lived bc he took off from there to somewhere in Florida. If you’re reading this…it’s not too late. Get him as far away from you as possible!!!!


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