6 thoughts on “Leaders debate possibly legalizing prostitution

  1. KUAM News

    What do you think, Guam – should prostitution be legalized locally??

  2. sam watson

    men who pay for sex are losers. hookers love you.

  3. 1mutong

    Basta just Legalize it ….Don’t critazie it… Just get rid of the

  4. limelight06

    Yes for years lol! I am sure someone is getting a kickback on this issue.
    If Gov Guam wanted to stop it they could. Now you will have a an influx of
    sex parlors opening up if this passes.

  5. sam watson

    legalise female degradation and abolish marriage and family, great
    communist agenda, oh and fuck the children who are raised by whores.

  6. john671smith

    ***SPECIAL NOTE: The wording of the bill was just to create a standard to
    which ‘Professional Masseuses’ must follow & be regulated.. Too much
    information was left out by the press to cause an uproar by the
    community… that was not the intent of the bill or the public hearing…
    Our senators are smarter than that… now it’s just out-of-control, thanks
    to the press… so unfortunate…

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