Let’s gets physical: New app helps fitness fanatics find a partner at the gym


FITFCK, a new fitness social app for gym-enthusiasts, has been launched nationwide with a mission to help time poor fitness fans find love and companionship.

With an aim to bring together regular gym goers, professional bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts of all abilities, the app is designed to establish a bona fide online fitness community. For the first time in the UK, an app has amalgamated everything from online dating, a training partner search and a networking site, all into one easy-to-use platform.

FITFCK – pronounced Fit F.C.K and short for Fitness Connection Kingdom – allows users to filter potential dating or training partners by fitness level, gender, sexuality, location and age. Ranges of fitness levels include ‘Regular Gym Goer’, ‘Athlete’, ‘Personal Trainer’, ‘Professional Fitness Model’ and ‘Body Builder’, ensuring that users find dates, training partners or friends that they are compatible with.

Founder Jamie Wykes-Hobday set up the app following his own experiences competing in the bodybuilding show ‘Miami Pro’.

The 23-year-old body builder and entrepreneur said: “I realised the true hardship of competing and the detrimental impact it can have on your social life.

“You can’t go out to bars and clubs, you can’t eat out due to your strict diet and you have to be asleep early every night; how on earth do you meet anyone? As a result, throughout the duration of the 16 weeks preparation for my show, I didn’t meet anyone and to be frank, any thought of a relationship just simply wasn’t achievable.

“I couldn’t train with any friends because they didn’t train at the same intensity as me, and it made me think, ‘there has got to be a way for people to meet likeminded partners to date and train with’.”

Free to download on the app store, FITFCK has already achieving 20,000 downloads in a three month soft launch phase. The app has also been championed by online fitness stars Rob Lipsett and Grace Fit UK.

Wykes-Hobday continued: “People may assume those who go to the gym find dates and companionship easily. But it can be an extremely socially isolating lifestyle.

“We want to create a genuine fitness community. In order to achieve this, we want to make sure we are catering for everyone’s needs that use the app. So, whether you want to find a date, a workout partner or a likeminded friend, we are dedicated to growing our database with quality potential matches.”

With plans to soft launch in the USA in Spring 2018, FITFCK has sights set on rolling out internationally thereafter.



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