‘Stand up for God’

Our country was built on religious freedom, and no one has the right to take that away or change it. I’m proud to be a Christian and I’m sick and tired of the LBGT trying to tell me what I can and can’t say, do, feel and believe.

If I don’t want to make a cake for your wedding, I shouldn’t have to compromise my religious beliefs. If I want to pray and carry a Bible around school, I should be able to – that’s religious freedom. If I want to put up a sign at my church, I have that right and no one has the right to change it because it doesn’t go along with what they think. That’s vandalism and nothing to be proud of.

Don’t get me wrong; I love and have compassion for everybody and want to get along with everybody. But as a Christian, I need to speak up for what I believe in. We need to stand up for God.


Fort Wayne

Women still relegated to second-class status

The recent exposure of the liberties that male celebrities feel entitled to exercise on females reveals their low regard for women. Our president claims that he can grab them anywhere and anytime he wants.

This behavior has filtered into society in general, and women’s bodies are deemed objects to be controlled and dominated. In the workplace, women are paid less, are subject to sexual advances and have to adapt themselves to a male code of behavior. The frequency of spousal abuse and date rape reveals the extent of this sexism in our society.

Yet there still remains a suspicion that females are complicit in their victimization – consensual, seduction, ambition, weakness – women are considered to be basically flawed. But, in my opinion, the most grievous measures to impose control over women’s bodies and to perpetuate their subordination comes from purported pro-life advocates. They seek to deny women control of their reproductive powers by restricting access to birth control and/or by outlawing abortion.

Religio-theocratic activists and paternalistic politicians strive to impose state control over women’s right to make a decision when confronted with an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy. To them, women are not trusted to be reasonable, moral subjects who can make an ethical decision regarding themselves and their family; instead, women are characterized as weak, callow, selfish, wanton. Until women are recognized and respected as fully capable persons, our society will be misguided by righteous rhetoric and hypocritical morality, and more than half of our population will remain second-class citizens.

Chester Baran

Fort Wayne


A liberal low blow

I’m used to reading newspaper columns written by left-wing, liberal journalists, but never have I read a column as repugnant as the one published on July 1, written by a so-called journalist, Gustavo Arellano, “Angel families’ exploitation.”

Arellano clearly is an advocate for us to have open borders. He berated American families whose loved ones have been murdered by illegal aliens for publicly relating their stories. He accuses them of just grandstanding for political purposes and claims their legacy will be one of shame.

Just when we think the liberals can’t go any lower, they do!

I would advise Arellano of two things: A country without borders, isn’t a country. Secondly, life has a word called karma, which has a way of finding you when you least expect it.

Source: http://www.journalgazette.net/opinion/letters/20180718/letters