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Santa Fe-based Almost Adults Productions continues its short play series on Zoom. (Courtesy of Almost Adults Productions)

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In June, Aaron Leventman wanted to continue to present theater to an audience.

With his company, Almost Adults Productions, he decided to present a series of LGBTQ+ short plays virtually.


The next play is at 4 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 8, and can be found at Almost Adults Production’s Facebook page. The event runs 75 minutes and includes a talk back with playwrights.

“I’m doing them through the end of November,” Leventman says. “I’m going to take a break because I’ve been doing them bi-monthly and I want to be able to make sure each one is just as special.”

Leventman says that, since the beginning of the series, the audience has continued to grow.

He is also impressed by the caliber of playwrights and actors he’s working with.

“We’ve been getting audience members and talent from all over the world,” he says.

On Sunday, one of the plays being presented is by Australian playwright Adam Szudrich. It is called “Slow Dating.”

“Adam is going to be present for the question and answer portion of the night,” Leventman says.

“Slow Dating” is being directed by Leventman with Deborah Dennard.

The play tells the story of an elderly lady who tries speed dating. It leads to a night with a charming stranger and a heartbreaking revelation about her husband.

“We’ve been fortunate to get some profound pieces of work,” Leventman says. “Because we are presenting an LGBTQ program, it continues to tell these stories. The issues that LGBTQ persons face are still in the news. Rights are still an issue and these are outlets to tell the stories.”

Leventman has worked in helping to separate the series from other Zoom productions.

“We keep the programs focused on the quality of the plays,” he says. “I’ve made it a point to cast performers that are right for the parts. It’s a new experience for them, as well. People are experiencing theater in a new way. Audiences have been impressed at how much we do with so little.”

When planning for the series, Leventman posted on New York Playwrights and New Playwrights Exchange to get submissions.

He received 400.

“This virtual online community has really worked,” he says. “People have made some wonderful connections that they wouldn’t have normally. A bright side to the pandemic is that the world is able to participate with what we are doing.”

The other plays being presented are:

• “To See and Be Seen” by John Mabey of New York. It is directed by Gina Dropp with Beth Bierman and Juliana Liscio.

• “That Time Shannen Doherty Grew a Heart” by Scott Cooper of Chicago. It is directed by Cedric Hill with Leventman and Bradd Howard.

Leventman says past performances can be viewed on YouTube by searching Aaron Leventman Almost Adults.

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