This is #what it #would be like if #dating #apps went to a #singles #night

If you’re single, you’ll probably be au fait with the act of swiping.

Most of us have given up on the miracle of meeting someone IRL by now, turning to dating apps to use their magical algorithms to do the hard graft for us – plucking ‘the one’ out of a database of millions of suitors.

And, while we won’t dwell too long on the intricacies of finding love online, what you’ll probably have come to realise is that each app has its own quirky, lovable and, often, incredibly irritating traits.

But what if the tables were turned? What if dating apps were people? And they all met IRL?

If the thought of this is totally blowing your mind, wonder no more, because now someone has actually done the hard work for us. Bringing us a, frankly, nightmarish world where all of these apps meet up on a singles night.

There’s Bumble – the woke feminist who always makes the first move and OkCupid who’ll waste no time in grilling you on your least attractive habits. Meanwhile, Tinder is sniffing around…well, anything. While celeb-app Raya remains unattainable and Happn is just…everywhere. And, of course, there’s Inner Circle who, naturally, uses the informal gathering as an opportunity to power network.

It’s basically the singles night you never want to be at.