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After sharing her seemingly unpopular opinion regarding the recent group date on The Bachelorette, DWTS pro Lindsay Arnold is being bashed by fans.

Dancing With The Stars professional dancer Lindsay Arnold is being bashed by fans after she took to Instagram to share her distaste in a recent conversation that took place on The Bachelorette regarding sex on a first date. On the social media platform, Lindsay admitted the discussion made her feel uncomfortable. Now fans of both shows are criticizing her for comments while also noting that The Bachelor franchise is notorious for having these types of discussions on the show.

Lindsay, who took the previous season of DWTS off as she became a first-time mom, has been in the spotlight for over 10 years. First joining the cast of professional dancers in 2005, Lindsay has grown quite a large social media following for herself since then. She typically uses her platform to show off adorable photos and videos of her daughter, share links to her favorite products and to just talk with her fans.

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After Lindsay watched the most recent episode of The Bachelorette, she took to Instagram to share her thoughts and personal opinion of the group date, which took place during the episode that aired on June 14. In a series of videos shared to her Instagram Story, Lindsay admitted that she did not appreciate the forced discussion of the men’s personal sex lives during the first group date. According to Heavy, in the videos that have since disappeared from Lindsay’s story, the professional dancer explained that it was not right for production to force a contestant (whom she could not remember the name of), who is a virgin and plans on waiting until marriage, to be a apart of a group date in which they were forced to discuss such a personal topic. She said, “So this poor guy, I don’t even know his name, but he’s a virgin. He’s waiting until marriage to have sex, which I can totally relate to,” before continuing, “And the first date, there’s no way the producers didn’t know this about him, and the whole first date is about sex.” Fans took to Reddit to share their opinions.

Lindsay did admit that she felt there is nothing wrong with individuals feeling comfortable having these types of open conversations confidently; however, she did not think it was fair for this individual on The Bachelorette to be forced into what was perceived as an uncomfortable situation for him. Fans were quick to bash Lindsay, calling her a “Karen,” which is the name many younger people use to mock typically middle-aged women who complain about nearly everything. One Reddit user sparked the discussion, writing, “I’m Sorry But Lindsay [Arnold] is turning into such a KAREN. She expresses her distaste with the Bahcelorette [sic] discussing sex on a ‘first date.‘” Many agreed, claiming that The Bachelor franchise is known to have these types of forced conversations or interactions.

Others were not surprised that the Dancing With The Stars pro felt this way regarding the group date. They noted, “[Lindsay] grew up in and embraced purity culture.” Many users agreed that if Lindsay felt so strongly about the topics discussed on the show, then she should not watch it. The main purpose of the show is that an individual is speed-dating numerous men at one time. If she was not comfortable by the group conversation, it is questionable how Lindsay enjoys the show as a whole. Lindsay has not spoken out about the backlash she has received from her recent remarks.

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