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Astrologer Lisa Stardust and Foxy Bingo have put together a list of perfect trips according to your star sign and you don’t even need to leave the country.

Gemini: Connected traveller

Lisa says: “Being a dualistic sign, Geminis like to experience the juxtaposition of the country and the flair of big city life when travelling with their ride or die BFF. Paris is an amazing place to visit once international travel is allowed, as the countryside is a short train ride out of the bustling city giving you both in one trip.” 

Until Paris is back on the cards, Geminis should try visiting the city of Edinburgh. This way they can enjoy all the best parts of city life while being just a walk away from the beautiful Scottish countryside.

Aries: Independent traveller

Lisa says: “As the most passionate sign of the zodiac, Aries will want to travel solo around the world on a budget, while documenting all the seven wonders of the world on Instagram. They’ll have the vigour to make new friends as they explore and see the wonderful places they’ve dreamed of.”  

While waiting for the world to reopen, Scotland is a great UK destination to get yourself some solo exploration. With sights such as Ben Nevis, Inveraray Castle and the Falkirk Wheel, your Instagram feed will be the envy of all your friends.

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