Local Dating Site Taken Down as Part of FBI Sting Operation | #facebookdating | #tinder | #pof

MIAMI COUNTY, OH – The FBI and the Miami County Sheriff’s Department have come to the end of a major sting operation on local dating site miamicountysingles.com. Authorities from both law enforcement agencies, in a joint press conference, announced that Miami County Singles was taken offline Tuesday afternoon after a months-long investigation into the local dating site. 

Owners of the company SexyLocalSingles LLC Tyler Molloy and Syd Sosa, both located in Piqua, were arrested on charges of wire fraud, attempting to solicit child pornography, drug trafficking, jaywalking, and second degree murder, among other charges.

Suspicious activity linked to miamicountysingles.com was tipped off by a user named John Wellington, who was “catfished” when looking for local singles. The user, a retired military veteran of 20 years, tried to meet up with who he presumed to be a young woman named “Karli.” The two scheduled a date at Duke Park in Troy, which quickly went awry. 

To Wellington’s surprise, he arrived at Duke Park and was greeted by a wrinkly man in glasses and a trench coat, who then pulled him into an unmarked van and started driving him towards Canada. Fortunately, the tires exploded after 1 mile on the road, and Wellington escaped to tell the story. 

Wellington also reported that his identity was stolen through information he entered on the unsecure website, with credit card activity showing purchases of large, expensive cabinets on Wayfair. Local investigators have now pulled in the FBI, and are actively uncovering more suspicious activity relating to miamicountysingles.com.


“To be honest, we’re not 100% clear on what the full extent of the conspiracy is here, but they were certainly up to no good,” said Sheriff Dave Duchak. “The jury probably won’t bite on the murder thing, to be honest the INTERPOL dicks made us toss that one in, and since they’re not here now, I can say that. But I think maybe they were selling drugs through the site? Or they were at least allowing kids to be trafficked through the site. Either way, they gave me a weird vibe and it’s good to see that they’ve been brought to justice today.”

Duchak said he was cutting the conference intentionally short, “just to keep the trial interesting for everyone, since there aren’t going to be any new seasons of TV this fall,” then abruptly ended the live stream. Authorities from the FBI then came on the stream to explain further, “we could totally tell you all the spicy details of this case, and go bit by bit through what these sickos did, but we won’t do that today. For the sake of some entertainment across the country, we’ll let this one play out in the courtroom.”

Court documents reveal that a joint arraignment will take place on Aug. 28, and will be live streamed on the Facebook page of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio. For up-to-the-minute updates on this explosive case, follow the Miami County Bugle Caller on Twitter and Facebook.

Disclosure: Miami County Singles and SexyLocalSingles LLC are sponsors of the Miami County Bugle Caller, but they paid for all the ads up front so no skin off our nose in this case.

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