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Finding love during lockdown might not be the first on everyone’s list of priorities, but for many of Glasgow’s singletons it could seem impossible.

That is, unless you are a feature on new dating show, From Zoom To Groom.

The premise of the show is simple: Glasgow singletons are set up on 90 second speed dates while the whole thing is broadcast live on Facebook, Youtube and Twitch.

Glasgow Drag Queen CJ Banks was last week’s special guest.

And while to some this is the stuff of nightmares, for ICW wrestler Davey the Blaze and Glasgow comedian Dee Maxwell it just did the trick.

Dee and Davey hit it off on the shows most watched episode yet, reaching over 33,000 people.

Hannah Currie, Zoom to Groom’s producer and director, told The Glasgow Times; “Dee and Davey’s 90 second speed date was the most foul mouthed, out-there date we’ve ever had on Zoom to Groom”.

Now the pair are awaiting on a second date.

Dee told The Glasgow Times: “It’s been a bit of a whirlwind but it been great fun.

“I’ve been on the dating scene for 3 years, but I haven’t been taken seriously because of my controversial comedy.

“I think most men are terrified of me, which I’ve been told.

“The character that I play is a man hater, who is a ice-queen and very sexually driven and I think some people mistake that for what i’m actually like as a person.

“A lot of them have said you don’t get to know the real Dee.

“I am a bit scared to admit that I’ve caught feelings but I do feel a bit of a chick for a change”.

And despite her previous bad luck, Dee says she may now believe in ‘chemistry-at-first-sight’.

She said: “I went on the show and it was a laugh, but turned out that there’s feelings and attractions. It’s quite mental.

Glasgow Times:

“Being honest we wouldn’t have picked each other out of a line up but there was chemistry and we’ve made each other laugh.

“He’s totally outside what I’d normally go for but he’s funny and we connect so well.

“We were on the same level, with the same mad personality and we hit it off. We’ve been talking ever since.

“We’re going to do a zoom date, but we want to go on a proper date as well.

“His schedule is really busy and so is mine, but we are talking about hopefully setting something and organising something.”

The date went so well that it’s allowed Dee to do a 360 – from someone who used to laugh about love in her comedy routines, to someone taking part in a public date.

Dee added: “I’d usually be the first person to take the mickey out of it.

“I haven’t said it out loud too much but said I’m catching feelings.

“A lot of my fans have been going mental trying to figure it out.

“It’s the first thing I’d do comedy about, I used to think there was no such thing as chemistry at first sight, and that all these dating shows are gimmicky and nothing comes out of them.

“He’s been on Take Me Out and had no luck, and I’ve been on premium dating websites but it took this for it to actually work out and for us to find something.

“I’ve actually not eaten much in the last few days since, I’m just so excited about it all.”

Groom to Zoom is still online and open to those who want to take part.

Glasgow Times:

The quick-fire speed dating format, where daters have a 90 second opportunity to met their future ‘one’, might seem daunting but Dee has her own advise for people thinking of taking part.

She said: “To anyone else thinking of doing Zoom to Groom, or just even going on a speed date in future, I would say go for it.

“It’s understated. I hadn’t heard about it until a week ago. I applied because it was a bit of diversion, bit of fun, and I’ve potentially got a boyfriend out of it.

“On the show the team are nurturing. They police the comments and don’t allow badness.

“There is fun with it and you can go into the after party if you don’t find a speed date. I know girls who have met other people on it too.

“It has a success rate too and it’s not one of those things that you go on and get the mickey taken out of you.

“Even in lockdown there is no excuse to get out there and find someone for yourself.”

Apply to go on a date here.

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