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After her first date with Bailey Boswell, a woman she met on a dating app as Audrey, Sydney Loofe texted a friend saying she had just gotten home from “chilling with this super cute girl.”

Early the next morning, Nov. 15, 2017, Loofe and Terra Gehrig, who worked together at the Menards in Lincoln, continued the conversation.

When Loofe told Gehrig she worked noon to 6 p.m., Gehrig told her she could stay longer to make more money.

“I’m supposed to chill with that girl, though,” Loofe told her, according to testimony at Boswell’s trial Tuesday. 

The jury at Boswell’s murder trial previously heard how cellphone records tied her to the meetings with Loofe and the Tinder account.

They both were 24 at the time.

Early the morning of Boswell’s and Loofe’s second date, Loofe told Gehrig: “She says she’s down for anything, so I hope she doesn’t have a boyfriend.”

Gehrig told the jury that Loofe had matched with women before on Tinder who said they were interested in women only to find out they had a boyfriend and were looking for a threesome.

She said Loofe had told her she wasn’t interested in that. So that morning, she told her friend she should’ve asked to make sure.

Loofe said Boswell had told her she had no one to confide in or hang out with “so I don’t know what that means. I’ll take her with a grain of salt.” 

It was the last text Gehrig would get from Loofe, whose cellphone went silent later that night 24 minutes after it bounced off a tower at Wilber.

Cellphone records showed her phone and Boswell’s traveling there together that night.

Loofe’s mother reported her missing the next day after she didn’t show up for her shift at work. Investigators later tracked Boswell’s and Trail’s phones to a field in rural Clay County where they found Loofe’s dismembered remains on Dec. 4 and 5, 2017.

Photos from Aubrey Trail’s trial

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