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As lockdown lifts many singletons are rushing online in the hope of finding some puppy love of their own.

The online dating world can feel like a ferocious beast at times and it can all feel a bit ruff navigating what you should or shouldn’t do on a date.

As barking mad as it may seem, taking a few behavioural tips from our canines can help things go smoothly – from good grooming, being loyal and having a playful side – dogs can teach us a thing or two about how to not make a dog’s dinner of dating….


You know when your dog comes back from the groomers? Smelling fresh, newly clipped and looking all smart and squeaky clean? He or she looks their best and you find them even more adorable than ever before.

In fact you just want to shower them with hugs and kisses.

The same behaviour extends to humans. If we look good, we feel good and that helps us appear relaxed and confident on a date. It shows not just respect for yourself but respect for the person you are on a date with – no-one wants to date a scruffy stray.

Tail wagging

You know how you just know your dog is super happy because his or her tail won’t stop wagging? When your dog’s tail is down you know they are sad and it makes you feel anxious too. When your dog is excited and full of fun it’s infectious and easy to absorb their energy and enthusiasm. In humans, smiling has the same effect. A warm smile can be so reassuring and an infectious laugh can help set the tone for a fun date. Everyone loves a playful pup.


One thing lockdown did for frustrated singletons is force them to be super creative if they wanted to keep on dating. No more dinner and drinks – it was a case of walks in the rain, supermarket trysts and online chatting. But if you think about it, when is one of your dog’s happiest times? Usually when he or she is heading off for adventure and trying something new so that it fills up their senses and keeps them engaged. So, just because we can all go to the pub again now – how about sticking with creativity and suggesting something super novel for a date instead? Maybe try a pop up art class together, go on a chocolate making session or enjoy some wine tasting. And forget the idea that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – it doesn’t matter how old you are, if your date is a fun person they will be up for something different.

Dogs love an adventure – and chasing after sticks is just one kind of an adventure that they enjoy


The problem with online dating (or not, depending on your perspective) is that there are lots of people vying for your attention and lots of faces and profiles to swipe past. But it is worth noting that one of the things all owners love about their dogs is their sense of loyalty. How many times have you heard the phrase “You can’t beat a loyal dog?”

While it is easy to be put off by someone too needy, showing respect by answering texts back, setting plans to meet in adequate time, not cancelling on a whim (or horror – to go on a date with someone else) and keeping respectfully engaged with that person until you both work out if it’s a match is a happy place for all. And if you become an item – unless you have decided to have an open relationship – then keeping loyal and faithful should be a given.

Dogs love one thing above all else... food.
Dogs love one thing above all else… food.

Dog’s dinner

What do dogs love besides walks, sleeping and lots of affection….yes, that’s right…FOOD.

And it is a rare human who doesn’t love to tuck into a dish of something hearty.

A dinner date may be a bit intense for a first date but if things progress taking a date out for dinner always feels like a treat and just as enjoyable is cooking a meal for a date – maybe to say thank you for dinner.

A shared love of food can have a bonding element and if you add candles, music, soft lighting and alcohol there is plenty of scope for romance.

Being protective

You know how dogs bark, growl and bare their teeth at the signs of their owner being in danger? It’s why people have guard dogs to help protect their home from burglars and the like. Many females love a man to show some protective qualities on a date – checking they get home safely being a huge one. Any woman worth her salt would not put up with a man leaping into a taxi and leaving her waiting alone on the pavement at night for a cab.

In the same vein men like to think the lady on their arm would always stand up for them if the situation arose. A bit like the loyalty aspect – it shows you have each other’s back.

Happy dating!

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