Looking for sponsor on a Dating site Ukrainian woman ridiculed for bad English | #tinder | #pof

Reddit Users derided sponsor looking for a girl named Rita, who incorrectly translated part of the questionnaire for a Dating website in English. A screenshot of her Tinder profile published DoctorPoopTrain.

the girl’s Profile was drawn up in the Ukrainian language. She pointed out that he graduated from the Dnieper national University named after Oles Gonchar. In the description of the profile of the girl reported that he considers himself Ukrainian propaganda, closely related to the environment and loves people playing the guitar.

in addition, the Ukrainian woman wrote that she needs “her own diabetic father” (I need my own Diabetic Father) — the author of the post on Reddit explained that this strange design is flawed automatic translation of the phrase sugar daddy. Literally in Russian language it is translated as “sugar daddy.” This term refers to the format of relations in which wealthy men contain girls or boys, who are usually much younger than them.

comments have a good laugh over the unfortunate translation of Ukrainka. “I was pretty successful with Tinder and aspartame uncle,” he joked Devilery. The girl also advised to pay attention to “grandfather Glucose”, “Sugar brother” or “Carbohydrate of the guardian.”

“my father has diabetes, should definitely send her a picture of his penis!” — wrote diarrhea_shnitzel, but its severity has caused a lot of questions: users interested in how he got these pictures.

Previously, users of the portal laughed at the girls that adjust their shape in the photographs and allow for silly mistakes when working in graphics editors. For example, retouch often becomes obvious, because it distorts the background.

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