Looking for love? Dallas ‘Bachelor’ couple hopes to help through a new app


DALLAS — They fell in love on television, got married, and had a baby. Sean and Catherine Lowe know few relationships start like theirs did.

“Married three and a half years… met on ‘The Bachelor’…crazy story!”

It can seem crazy to the millions of people who nowadays meet their lovers online. But the Lowe’s, who met in 2012, missed that boat.

“It kind of came around after we met and got engaged, so neither of us have been on a dating app,” said Sean. “In a weird way, it’s like we kind of missed out on the experience.”

They found a new way to get into the game by co-founding a dating app that takes matching to another level.

“It’s called Vouch and you’re really vouching for people who you think would make great partners,” said Catherine.

If you’re single, you sign up, then invite close friends and family to join as your ‘vouchers’. They get to look at the potential dates, and if the voucher’s for both people ‘swipe right’ on each other, a match is made.

“I imagine there’s probably a lot of moms out there who are thinking ‘My son or daughter has been single for way too long’,” said Sean. “So they’re gonna have a lot of fun with this.”

The idea is with your nearest and dearest involved, they’ll be fewer hookups and more long term relationships. Thats something that not all of today’s dating sites and apps are known for. Still, they do big business – finding love online is a two billion dollar industry that Pew Research shows 15% of Americans have used.

So far, 5,000 people in Dallas-Fort Worth are using Vouch.

“There are a lot of girls on there, so guys -sign up right now because you have the pick of the litter!” said Catherine.

But do these co-founders think their loved ones would connect them?

“No,” said Catherine. “He’s only dated Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders…I would not be on that list!”

So cheerleader or not, you never know who might be the right fit. And that’s what Vouch aims to prove, that the people who know you best, could find the best person for you.

“We’re the perfect example,” said Sean. “There’s no one way to find someone, no one way to find the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, so it could very well happen on Vouch.”


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