Looking For Love Internet Style

The Internet Has Become The New Singles Bar For Dating and Romance
There is a vicious type of predator out there. One who hunts those that have been separated from the herd. Those that are fragile, emotionally weak, caught in a life transition. They groom, cultivate and shape their prey. These are the worst kind of predators because you never see them.

Oh, they write nice emails. Proclaim their undying love for you. Tell you about all the great things they will do for you when you’re finally together. Masters of the ego boost, you are constantly reminded how lovely and beautiful you are. They know because you sent them a picture. Hesitant at first you were coxed, convinced and cajoled into revealing personal details about your life. As soon as you know this is your soul mate, your life long partner you have been searching for, these predators spring the trap.

Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am
“I’d love to visit you” they write. In fact, plans have already been made. Then…tragedy. An aunt, brother, sister, loved one – they’ve been suddenly afflicted with a life-threatening illness. You were so close to seeing your one true love. And just when you thought all hope was dashed…a possible solution appears.

The hook has been firmly set now. All they have to do is reel you in. The dating scam is now being revealed to you.

Up until now, your internet lover has never chatted with you on Skype, or called you using one of a thousand free apps. No…your mystery man remains a mystery while you have become an open book.

You now are so desperate to see your knight in shining computer armor, you ask “What can I do my love?”
And now you are being circled by a pack of hungry predators who sense fear. They smell the desperation in your email replies. The dangle hope, only to snatch it back at the last moment.
Sound ridiculous? It’s not. According to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center:
And 82% of the time, it’s the woman who’s the victim. In 2014, over $82 million was lost in the last 6 months of 2014. Romance and dating scams are emotional-based crimes, and woman are the preferred victim.

Stop Being A Victim
Get a second opinion. Ask a friend. And run when you’re asked for money. It’s tough being lonely, and these f**king criminals know it. They are the worst kind of criminals – they are predatory criminals. Young, old and in-between. They don’t care.

The second…the very second…you’re asked for money, I promise you 99.999999% of the time it’s a scam. If you’re holding out for the .000001% it’s not, you ought to try the lottery. Your odds are better.

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