Los Angeles Returns To Cleo TV With An All-New Episode On Sunday January 3 At 9PM ET/8C | #facebookdating | #tinder | #pof

CLEO TV’s new series TOUGH LOVE: LOS ANGELES returns with an all-new episode this Sunday, January 3, at 9 P.M. ET/8C. The 10-episode primetime spinoff, based on the Emmy-nominated web series TOUGH LOVE, puts a spotlight on the challenges of dating and finding love as a Black millennial.


The crew faces compromising situations on this week’s episode. Mya overhears a phone conversation between Rashad and a woman while she’s in the shower, which angers her enough to kick both Rashad and Raymond out. As Story and Raymond continue to go on one horrible date after another, they resort back to scrolling through the dating app only to strike up a conversation with each other. However, Raymond still doesn’t know that he’s been talking to Story. The Denise and Brian love story seems to reach a boiling point when, after receiving great news about one of the properties they have on the market, Denise lashes out at Brian’s assistant.

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